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Vacation Tips

Here are some tips to help ensure smooth travels.

Schedules: Make a schedule for the day and review it with your child. Schedules are always different in the summer, but reviewing the group plan can help make transitions go smoother.

Checklists: Make a checklist for the child to help pack their belongings. This helps build organizational skills and independence. 

Games: Prepare with travel size games, workbooks and toys. Target has some great back to school finds that are educational and fun!   Sneak in some handwriting practice with our favorite apps:  Letter School, Writing Wizard, Touch and Write (shapes, print or cursive).  YouTube: On-The-Go Mini Playsets. 

Don’t Get Hangry: Eat healthy snacks like crunchy foods, gum, smoothies, fruit strips and meat jerky.  These textures provide deep pressure, calming sensory input resulting in a satisfied tummy and a happy mood.

Keep it organized:  Fill a small backpack or for road trips, use a hanging car organizer filled with your child’s favorite sensory tools (gum, chewy snacks, water bottle, fidgets, weighted lap buddy etc):

Remember … taking deep breaths is a highly effective and portable tool to achieve a calm body and mind wherever your travels may take you.

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