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Summertime Craft Activities

We are all so excited for the start of summer! Here are a couple of summertime crafts the kiddos have been making here at Stepping Stones. Both activities require the children to use sequencing skills, bilateral coordination, visual motor skills, fine motor coordination, and hand strength.

To make the pineapple, children used bilateral coordination skills to trace and cut the top of the pineapple. The children then drew an oval, and used a yellow paint dotter to fill the inside. For an added tactile sensory component, children used finger paint for the brown spots inside of the pineapple.

To create the watermelon, the children cut a large paper plate in half, and colored the inside. Small seeds were then cut out of black construction paper.  A hole punch was used to make the bite mark (great for hand strengthening!). *To grade this project down: instead of cutting small seeds, use black paint with a Qtip, dried black beans, or even real sunflower seeds.

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