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Summer Groups

We can’t believe it is our last week of groups at Stepping Stones! The theme of this week’s social skills camp was “goodbye” and focused on all of the social thinking concepts we learned throughout the camp. Today’s book was Whole Body Listening Larry at Home. This book follows Larry and his sister Lucy. Throughout the day, Larry helps to teach his sister how to listen with her whole body.

How do you listen with you whole body? Whole body listening means you listen with your eyes, ears, mouth, body, hands, feet, brain, and heart. Your eyes look at the speaker, your ears are ready to hear, your mouth is quiet and waiting for your turn, your body is facing the speaker, your hands are quiet and kept to yourself, your feet are quiet and still, your brain is thinking about what is being said, and your heart is considering the speaker and the others listening. We also taught the kids about expected and unexpected behaviors, and how our actions may give others comfortable or uncomfortable thoughts.

The kids had a blast practicing their "whole body listening" during a dance party to the fun song “Get Your Wiggles Out!” Children had to listen with their whole bodies, ensuring they did not miss a move! Our finger paint craft was great for sensory exploration, fine motor skills (cutting, finger isolation, two hand use), and of course practicing our social skills (waiting our turn, passing/sharing supplies, sharing what we made). Finally, the children made the graduation official by following a recipe to make a delicious graduation cap cookie.

We are so proud of the kiddos and all the progress they have made during summer camp! Be sure to check back in with us next summer for additional groups and camps (Yoga class and Kindergarten readiness groups). We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and have a great school year!

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