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Summer Groups

The social skills group, led by an OT and Speech Therapist, follows the Incredible Flexible You series created by Michelle Garcia Winner. This series covers social thinking topics such as staying with the group, personal space, thinking with your eyes, and whole body listening. This week’s topic was “Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings.” In order to become a social thinker, children must first be able to understand and share their thoughts, as well as think about the thoughts and feelings of others. During the group activity, children created their own silly faces, and practiced key social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and asking each other for supplies. Other fun activities during the group included a dance party, snack time, and a sensory play activity.

The Kindergarten Readiness group is led by an OT and helps kids prepare for kindergarten this fall.  Our group also incorporates social thinking topics, addressing appropriate circle time and table time behaviors, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and working together as a group. Week 1, we got to meet new friends and learn what everyone likes about the 4th of July! Most are very excited about fireworks and food! We read the “Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings” book, completed a fun obstacle course, and played with a parachute! It was very important after having so much fun, to teach the kids tools to calm their bodies. The strategies used included dimming the lights and providing deep pressure while rolling a therapy ball over their backs to their feet as well as using deep breathing techniques while seated upright. To end the day, the group made a fun watermelon craft to take home!

We are so excited for the weeks to come!

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