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Speech News: Back to School Transition

1.       Review the class schedule with your child:  This will take away the anxiety of the unknown.  The more you review and talk about the schedule the easier the transition will be on you and your little one.  See if they can remember the schedule and ask Wh-questions (e.g. “Who is your teacher?”, “What grade are you in?”, “Where do you go to school?”, “When does school get out?”).

2.       Help your kids become Whole Body Listeners:

3.       Practice how to greet friends and teachers.

4.       Create a picture schedule/calendar:  A picture schedule/calendar is a great visual way to prepare your child for the school routine.  Suggestions to include on your schedule/calendar are: getting dressed, brushing teeth, going potty, eating breakfast, shoes on, getting in car.  Picture schedules or calendars help take away the unknown and give your child some responsibility.

5.       Review and practice concepts that your kids will be working on at school.

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